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I didn't expect to like this movie. The premise sounded dull and Feng Xiaogang was always known as a director rather than an actor. So imagine my surprise when I thought to myself after the credits rolled that wow, this is definitely one of my favorites of 2015.
I love everything about it, I am familiar with Guan Hu as I have watched two of his films which I also liked and I thought this would be the first movie of his that I would hate. Turns out it'd be one of his best.
Mr Six is not meant to be a hero or a sympathetic character even. He's an old guy set in his ways and stubborn to a great fault. Which is why the ending was fitting in all its symbolic glory.
The character that really stayed with me was Xiao Fei, the spoiled brat turned sympathetic kid who looks up to the values of old and yearns for a father's attention. The interesting thing about this movie was that it also had the story of a father and son but the more compelling story was the one between a father and another man's son.
I would recommend this movie to anyone. Brilliant and well-executed filmmaking.
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Mr six song. Mr. six starring kris wu. The fight from A Bittersweet Life is actually longer than that. "Even in a fight, there are principles."
Watching with a Chinese friend, he explained the important social issue which Mr Six highlights - the rapid development and urbanisation of China over the past few decades means that the old, more traditional China is juxtaposed with the modern, changed China. This is an issue many elderly Chinese face, particularly in Beijing where you can visually see it when finding traditional buildings in amidst ultra-modern skyscrapers.
In the movie, Mr Six - a 'gangster' leader in his youth, but also a man of principles - remains well- respected in what's left of old Beijing. He struggles to come to terms with a city he hardly recognises anymore, and must deal with the new, young gangsters who lack any and all principles.
It's quite deep and Feng Xiaogang does excellent in the main role. The movie is well-known for it's heavy use of the Beijing dialect, which is very rarely seen in such large proportions in cinema. Main weakness of the movie was the last 20 mins of the film, which was a bit weird. Other than that, very good. Even Kris Wu was OK. Would recommend.