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Ben Hardy is sooooo good here. Just how a trailer should be. no hint of what the movie is really about.


To be fair I thought Leto was really good as the Joker and his interactions with Robbie was very interesting. I think, given what Leto's said about the amount of footage he filmed, they could literally release a Joker and Harley movie from it straight to dvd with all the deleted stuff. I'd buy it. 1980s: Men drive the ecto-1 2020: Kids driving it now. Toms voice has always been so quirky yet so damn good for Bane.

I literally had this song in my head before watching the trailer. Movie trailer Guy: Van Wilder like you've never seen him before. & x200B. x200B. x200B; 17th hematite I, almighty Beefaroni, grow tired of the incompetent leadership our beloved boltclaw has suffered under. Ive sat silently as one yellow-belly after another has let foreigners in by droves and let us become devoured by our own vices. Crimes go unpunished, corpses sit rotting in the halls, and the greatest foresight any one of us can muster is to seal ourselves away in a dank tunnel with a our wounds, chipping away at slabs to stem the tide. I can hardly wait until the release of the movie Suicide Squad was awesome movie looking foward to seeing this one and Suicide Squad 2.

Now this actually has an intelligent premise. Micheal Bay Presentation Skills. What's Michael Bay without explosions... Im down for it.


First Wave of 2020 Showcasing Artists Announced. Me: enjoying this trailer because the music, color composition, and voice over The comment section: JaReD LeTo BaD.