Watchseries 2008 Year DropBox JamieS Fowl Dinners





Ahh, so this is where chavs and scavs come from. Good Stuff, I'm trying this right now. Thanks Jamie. 4:02 that awkward hover hand tho LOLL. Bravo to Jamie! I loved how he was so in touch with what these young students did no matter whether or not they messed up he still gave them inspiration and believe in themselves and that's what a teacher is supposed to do. I wish they had cooking schools when I was a teen here in USA so many of our young people dropping out when they can learn such a valuable skill like cooking. I'm trying hard to teach my children but only two will come into thee kitchen. Keep it up Jamie bravo.

😍😍😍 I'd have eaten that whole roast. Amazing teacher! Amazing steak! Everything looks really good, even I will try this steak. Good job Jamie. Your passion for cooking is truly Amazing, Legend 😊. Exactly how do you know. I never heard of electrocution for chickens.