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Possible spoilers below!
While the scenes in Hardcore range in quality from fascinating to totally unbelieveable, this is a movie that is well made and one that you want to sit through to the end. Scott portrays God-fearing Midwestern furniture dealer named Jake van Dorn who travels to California after his daughter who has run away on a church trip there, and later through private detective Peter Boyle learns she has started to make adult movies. Van Dorn's foray into the world of pornography and prostitution in Los Angeles and San Francisco while looking for his daughter is both disturbing and absorbing to watch. One subtle point not often noticed is how Van Dorn's dress and speech change over the course of the movie to adapt to his new surroundings; this mirrors his determination and ingenuity to track down his daughter.
One recurrent theme of Hardcore is how it exposes the idea that the bizarre world of pornography is there before our eyes and yet hidden from us. Boyle sums it up well in a speech he gives van Dorn after showing him a film containing his daughter: This film costs about 300 to make, and it's impossible to track down. No one makes it, no one shows it, no one sees it - it's like it doesn't even exist." One gets the impression tha Van Dorn never imagined the world he entered into to look for his daughter ever existed, and many watching the movie may get the same impression.
The world of pornography and prostitution itself is portrayed as a dark, desperate place that few survive in for long. After the movie ends, you wonder where people like Jim Sloan and the streetwalker Nikki will be ten years later, as it seems like everyone is lost and trapped in their lifestyles. It is interesting how the people of the porn underworld seem to not know much about the normal environment and lifestyle that someone like Jake van Dorn would live in; the normal world would be just as confusing to them as theirs is to van Dorn.
Hardcore seems dated now, over 20 years after its initial release, but the clothing styles are pleasingly nostalgic, and some of the limited 1970s slang used is fun to hear again. While dated, Hardcore remains an excellent movie to watch, as it explores a world that is rarely seen by most Americans, and shows how far one man will go to save his daughter from that dark world.