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The return of Captain General Constantin Valdor (and I guess the space furry primarch too, hopefully as a wulfen.

Emps is finally getting his TTS device


WW1: Diana Knows nothin WW2: Steve knows nothing. SUPER PSYCHIC GREY KNIGHTS. Stop playin. havent tey seen poltergeist. Who else thought wonder woman got wings after they saw the thumbnail. This is one of best sci fi movies i ever seen. 10/10 ❤❤❤❤❤. This trailer is a piece of art on its own! How they have blend scenes, text, special effects, sound effects with the music is just amazing! Probably one the most impressive trailers I ever seen.

The real man who stares at goats.






I think you are right about Lorgar, I also think Corax will return as they have the fight, also a subtle him from GW. This is creepy cause you said that an older guy with blue eyes and dark facial hair will walk into Selenas life and now it is rumored that a blue eyed Zac Efron is reaching out to her. Then again, who knows. Maybe the emperor returns.

Well, this seemed quite generic. I guess I'm too old for this sh*t.
If Lorgar come back then Corax will come back too cuz Corax is hunting down Lorgar right now.
I was honestly super excited for this film until i saw this. I realized that it's the you're the only one who can save the world kind of film. It looks way to similar to Jupiter Ascending.


It's just a trashcan, yeah yeah! 😂😂.


The Emperor sneezes and accidentally wakes up humanity's psychic potential. Those things look like they are made of magnetic metals. This may have been how dinosaurs were terminated. I saw your reading yesterday I had to create account to comment but I wanted to let you know that the announcement was his Drew collection drop today but I feel like everything you said because Im intuitive as well I dont read cards I just am intuitive I feel like everything youre saying is 100% the truth the other thing that happened after your reading shes being questioned whether or not shes really a Bieber because of the fact she trademarked the name for profit And you felt like he either found a letter or document I feel like thats what he found but Im not sure anyways just wanted to tell you that.

I feel like the Wonder Woman series is following the pattern of Thor's, except skipping Dark World and going straight to Ragnarok. One could argue that Justice League was her Dark World. Wonder woman 1984: that's just a banana taped to a wall 2019: that's art. I never felt the ads failed this movie. If you didn't see this great movie that's on you.