Smart HDR Lethal





I saw this film yesterday... I must admit, it's one of the most crappiest action movies I've ever seen. OK, you got this blonde babe going around in some black tank top. There's nothing really sexy about it. Just some woman carrying a gun shooting down the bad guys...
Lorenzo Lamas plays the bad guy in this flick. He's trying hard to put on this Russian accent. It was so bad. The fight scenes were OK in some parts, but the shootout scenes were awful. I could've swore that this dark-haired guy shot this black uniformed terrorist off the roof.
After watching this film, I felt as if the filmmakers really wasted their talent on making this pile of sh*te!
I got nothing against Lorenzo Lamas and Frank Zagarino. Yes! They maybe good actors, but how comes they got sucked into this rubbish?
Well, at the end of the day... This is one film that shouldn't be made. Bad script. Bad directing. All pappy show! A totally awful 0 out of 10.