Valaam, larchipel des moines mac 69





Music from the heaven. God bless you all. Greatings from Hungary, Middle Europe.

Merci 1000 fois d avoir mis en ligne ce super documentaire

I was an atheist for the longest time because I never agreed with the way certain denominations of Christianity did things until I joined the US the military and attended the orthodox church during basic training, knowing that my ancestors were orthodox Christians from Ukraine. I gotta say, I was enlightened. Orthodox from Syria 🇸🇾☦️. Are you serious? Why do you put normanism into this story? Do you really believe in any Scandinavians that shaped the Russian state? Scandinavian, German and other sources report about the colonisation out of Russia, not the other way round. The trade roots were Slavic, the trade cities in norhtern Europe were founded by the Slavs (Wends) Vineta is not an exception. Vikings appear to be the re-interpretation of descendents Wendish colonists in Northern Europe who lost their privilleges due to the christianization and became pirates.

Un grand MERCI encore aujourd'hui pour avoir mis la version française de ce film sur Valaam ; même si certaines séquences sont coupées par rapport à la version en russe, c'est vraiment bien de comprendre les explications et témoignages de chacun. Valaam est un lieu tout à fait exceptionnel, sur tous les plans. J'espère beaucoup parvenir à y aller en pèlerinage en quelque sorte... Thank you for bringing this sublime music to the world. May the brothers of Valaam be blessed abundantly and may they enjoy the peace of Almighty God which the world cannot give.




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